Frequently Asked Questions

Opening and Account with A-Mark Precious Metals

  1. How do I open an account with A-Mark?

    Answer: Please visit our Open Account page for more information.

  2. Does it cost anything to open an A-Mark account?

    Answer: No, it is currently free to open an account with us.

  3. What does opening an A-Mark account do for me?

    Answer: We require customers to have an account with us before buying from us or selling to us. As an account holder, you have the option of receiving periodic special product offerings from us.


A-Mark Pricing

  1. Why does the A-Mark Web site show different prices than those quoted over the phone to me by an A-Mark representative?

    Answer: Prices quoted over the phone are the prevailing prices at that moment. The prices shown on our Web site may be delayed.

  2. Does A-Mark have a minimum order requirement?

    Answer: Yes, there are minimums.  Please call and speak with a trader for specifics.

  3. Does A-Mark have a product price catalog?

    Answer: No, we do not produce a product price catalog because our bullion product prices fluctuate minute-to-minute depending on our current spot prices. To see updated product prices, visit our prices page. Note these prices are for indication only. For the most current product price quotes, please contact us at (310) 587-1485.


Payment Information

  1. What forms of payment does A-Mark accept?

    Answer: Acceptable good funds are bank wire, cashiers or certified check and cleared company checks.

  2. Where do I get bank wire information?

    Answer: Please call (310) 587-1443 or email for wire instructions.


Shipping, Handling & Insurance Options

  1. What are the shipping, handling, and insurance charges?

    Answer: Quotes generally include shipping, handling and insurance.  Please contact a trader for further information.

  2. How are metals shipped?

    Answer: Metals are shipped by registered, insured mail.  Product could be shipped via USPS, registered and insured mail, UPS, Federal Express, armored truck or armored air freight.

  3. Who is responsible for metals lost or damaged in transit?

    Answer: When you ship metals to us, you are responsible for metals lost or damaged in transit.  When we ship to you, product is insured up until good delivery.

  4. When will I receive my order?

    Answer: We usually ship your order the business day after we receive your funds. Depending on your local post office, it usually takes 3-7 business days from the time we ship your order until you receive it.  We do offer expedited shipping.  Pease contact a trader for further details.

  5. If I live in the Los Angeles area or will be visiting the Los Angeles area, may I pick up my order at your location?

    Answer: You may pick up your order at one of our Los Angeles Depositories.  We do not offer pick up or delivery services at our El Segundo office.  Please contact operations at (310) 587-1443 or for further information.


Miscellaneous Information

  1. What products does A-Mark buy and sell?

    Answer: We offer a variety of products from worldwide government mints and international refineries. For a list of products we offer, please visit our products page.

  2. May I place my order online?

    Answer: If you have an active account, you can place orders online using our portal. You can also place orders by calling (310) 587-1485. 

  3. May I cancel my order if I change my mind?

    Answer: If you've already locked in a price, the transaction cannot be cancelled, but only offset at our then current bid price. Any deficit between the price at which we sold to you and the offsetting purchase price is your responsibility and is deducted from your deposit prior to our returning the deposit to you.

  4. If I am unsatisfied with my order, may I return the products for a full refund?

    Answer: You may not return the products to us for a full refund. However, you may sell the products to us at the then prevailing market price. It will be your responsibility to ship the products to us.

  5. Is my confidential information shared with A-Mark’s subsidiaries?

    Answer: A-Mark has been in business for more than fifty years. Since our inception, we have made it a priority to take all steps necessary to protect the confidentiality of client information. As a matter of course, we do not share confidential customer information among our separate subsidiaries.